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Creativity Involves Breaking Out of Established Patterns To Look At Things In A Different Way.

                     ~ Edward de Bono


Creating For Growth of West London combines a systemic approach to working with people utilising the creativity of storytelling, drama and movement to explore and heal.


Offering individual and group dramatherapy, clinical supervision and trainings.

Member of the British Association for Drama Therapists (BADTh) and Heath and Care Professions Council (HCPC)



Dramatherapy is a type of psychological therapy that utilises the creative process to explore thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Work with clients at Creating For Growth is conducted through both talking and engaging in creative techniques such as story telling, drawing, using musical instruments, poetry and more. 

Group Coloring


Individual therapy for children, young people and adults. 

I specialise in developmental trauma, bereavement and attachment issues, with over twenty years of experience working with in the fostering and adoption sector. 


Individual sessions are at a rate of £55 per fifty-minute session

Group work could be a way to explore many issues through a shared experience with peers whilst still working with a qualified professional. 

Group themes have included Exploring Menopause, Bereavement and Dementia.  See below for the times and dates for up coming groups.  

Next Group: 10th June 2021, Getting Unblocked Through Story a workshop for creatives wanting to identify aspects of self that may be holding them back

Creative supervision is conducted with mental health practitioners as well as others working in the helping professions, such as teachers and nurses. 

Fees  for Clinical Supervision

£50 for individual 

£75 for two or more supervisees

*Rates may vary for supervision covered by employers

Suggested Reading

For Schools

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Becoming an Adoption-Friendly School, Gore-Langton E. and Boy, K., 2017


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Storymaking in Bereavement: Dragons Fight in the Meadow, Gersie, Alida, 1991

A Monster Calls, Ness, Patrick, 2011      

The Blue Skies of Autumn, Turner, Elizabeth, 2009

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